Monday, September 28, 2009

The Two-Gun Mojo Project

Every time Cryptic nerfs some overpower skill, people are outraged.  In fact, a whole bunch of them are so angry that they post long tirades about how they're quitting the game and everyone should be sad that they're doing it.  People flame them and inevitably it turns into a thread about Aion.  (SEE YOU IN AION.  ZOMG NO YOU WON'T LOL)

Let's get one thing straight.  Skills like the pre-nerf Mini Mines are cheating, plain and simple.
When you can go through the whole game with little to no fear of death, even in the face of overwhelming odds, you're cheating.  Many people said their characters were unplayable afterward, but those people just don't know how to play.  They tend to cling to statements like "I ONLY USED THEM OCCASIONALLY" or "I COULDN'T KILL A WHOLE GROUP WITH THEM LOL."  Some of them actually mean it.  Of course, these were the people who used god mode in Doom and still fell in a pit and couldn't beat the level.

Ultimately, this game is totally easy without those powers, and I'm going to prove it.  I'm going to make a character that gets through the game without a single AoE or OP attack power.  I'm going to call it the Two-Gun Mojo Project, and here are the rules.

1. Do not use any AoE powers.  If you pick up a single power with an advantage to make it AoE, do not get the advantage.

2. Stick with the theme.  I will be playing a character based off of Trigun, so he's going to stick with pistols for attacks.  I can pick up skills outside the power set, as long as they don't visibly affect the character (Retaliation, Regeneration, Etc).

3. All multi-player quests, with the exception of 5 man instances, will be solo'd.  The only grouping will be done on camped quest targets, so I'm not a complete jerk.

4. I will be using Acrobatics as a travel power, because it's way more interesting.

I will keep everyone up-to-date with the current status of the Project, so if you're looking to see how it's going, simply look for the label "TGMP."

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