Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maintains and TGMP

Protip: Toggles are abilities that you hit once and automatically run.  As a default setting, your energy builder is set to be a toggle that resets when you target a new enemy.  You may have noticed at times that certain chain abilities

In other news, The Two-Gun Mojo Project is moving along nicely.  I'm through early Canada and had no problems soloing any content with only Two-Gun Mojo as my only real damage power.  Here's how he sits at level 13.

Super Stats: Dex, Ego
Talents: +8 Dex, +5 Dex/+5 Ego, +8 Ego

Level 1: Gunslinger, Two-Gun Mojo
Level 5: Killer Instinct, Acrobatics (Versatility)
Level 8: Regeneration (Rank 2)
Level 11: Retaliation

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