Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to the Forum 2

Megan at Out of Mana use to do a segment called "New Rules" that was adapted from Real Time with Bill Maher. While I think the latter is a complete hack, the former was one of the most influential bloggers/writers until she quit blogging.

After venting on the last post "Ode to the Forum", I've decided I'm going to make it a regular installment in this blog, to talk about all the redunkulous things that people should be shot over.

Without further ado, Ode To The Forum!

1. No One Cares if you're Quitting
I understand if you don't find the game fun or worthwhile.  It's your money, so it's your prerogative.  But you don't have to get the most from your money by finishing your subscription by posting in forums for 10 days.  Try doing something constructive like reading a book, going outside, or even brushing your teeth.  Hygiene will be important in the next grindstorm MMO you play.

2. You can't Hide From the Whambulance.
If you post 1000 dissertation on how badly you got beat by X power in BASH or how Y used with Z causes your brain to bleed and you to lose bladder control, but end your tirade with "I don't want them to nerf the power, I just want other powers to be buffed" you sir, are a complete liar.    The same goes for the people who say that we should focus on making themed builds better by [insert statement which gives great power to the poster].  I've said it before, your theme is no more justified than the guy who's trying to make Grimace a Champion.

If I see another "Definitive" Munitions guide, a question about gadgeteer "On Next Hit" powers, or one more person post that Int is better than End because of some mystical magical secret, I'm going to burn out my retina.  If you can't spend the two damn seconds it takes to search for your answer, how can I expect you to have the patience and brainpower to handle what I have to say.

I hate stupid people.

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