Monday, September 14, 2009

Munitions 101

The 101 series is a short information segment providing some in-game information on some of the starter tier skills for various power sets. This will give a little insight into use early character building so people don't get stuck rerolling due to high retcon prices.

Suggested Role
Munitions does very excellent DPS, but requires high crit in order for some of the skills to function. For that reason, they're usually picking Dexterity and Ego as their two super stats, which makes tanking or healing very difficult.

Suggested Super Stats
As mentioned before, Dexterity and Ego are important for damage dealing using the munitions powerset. Killer Instinct and Holdout Shout function very well with critical strikes, so focusing on that is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. After that, Constitution will help you stay alive and presence will help keep you from pulling threat. This power set doesn't have a defensive skill, so if you pick regeneration, you may also want to get a decent amount of recovery.

Primary Stats: Dexterity, Ego
Secondary Stats: Constitution and Presence

Gunslinger - Energy Builder
This power is pretty subpar as far as energy builders go. It's relatively slow and doesn't generate more energy to compensate. However, Munitions has a lot of power replacers, so you can see some benefit from that.
Pro - Affected by power replacers.
Con - Low damage, slow speed, low energy.
Rating - 2/5 If possible, use a different energy builder. The saving grace is that you won't need it too often.

Two Gun Mojo - Basic Ranged Attack
This power is a run of the mill, channeled attack. The damage is pretty decent, and it provides a stack of enrage if fully maintained.
Pro - Low Energy Cost, Enrage
Con - Single Target, Advantage doesn't work
Result - 3/5 This power isn't too bad, and if you're playing a pistol-themed character, this is a must have.

Assault Rifle - Tier 1 Ranged Attack
While it may seem like the damage on this ability is good, it has a very high energy cost and doesn't often get maintained to see max damage.
Pro - Good damage
Con - High Energy cost, 6 second Cooldown, must be fully maintained for best results
Result - 3/5 Honestly, I don't care for this power. I prefer shotgun and submachine gun (I like bleeds).  But it does very solid damage.

Submachinegun Burst - Tier 1 Ranged Area Attack
This skill provides a cone attack, but damage is reduces as number of targets increases. Low cost and decent damage make this good for single or group fights.
Pro - Low Energy Cost, AoE Damage
Con - Less effective in large groups
Result - 3/5 This is a decent power, especially if you want more bleed attacks
Note - The Advantage "Aggression" adds a 15% chance of bleed, which makes it the only AoE bleed.

Shotgun Blast - Tier 1 Ranged Area Attack
This is probably the best Tier 1 skill and the reason you should take Gunslinger. You can compliment 2GM with an AoE attack with knockback.
Pro - Low Energy Cost, AoE attack, Knockback
Con - Very small cone angle (30 degrees)
Result - 4/5 This is a must have skill for almost any build in PvP, and you get it inside your framework. Pick this up.

Holdout Shot - Tier 1 Ranged Attack
This skill is a classic in the pulp genre, but as a last ditch effort, it's pretty lackluster. Most effective when you have low energy, which shouldn't happen enough.
Pro - Good Damage (below 5% energy), Low Energy Cost, Looks great
Con - Long Cooldown, Poor damage (above 5% energy)
Rating - 2/5 Even with the "Stim-Pack" Advantage heal, this skill is lackluster. Pick it up for the theme.

Killer Instinct - Tier 1 Passive Energy Regen
This skill returns energy whenever any Munitions power crits. If you picked Dexterity/Ego, the crits will be often and the energy will be higher.
Pro - Excellent Energy Return, doesn't require a slot.
Con - Only works with Munitions powers, only procs every 4 seconds.
Result - 4/5 If you're staying in the framework, this is a great power. It compensates for the low Endurance/Recovery you will have with a Dexterity/Ego Build.

The Munitions power set provides a lot of good AoE damage, and at higher Tiers provides strong single target damage. It plays very well with the Dexterity/Ego combo (arguably the highest dps super stat combo), which makes it one of the strongest damage sets, pound for pound.

Suggested Powers:
Level 1: Gunslinger, Two Gun Mojo
Level 5: Shotgun Blast
Level 8: Killer Instinct
Level 11: Mini-Mines, Regeneration, Gatling Gun

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