Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ode to the Forum

In ancient Rome, the Forum was a public space used as tool for citizens to gather socially. They would host debates, festivals, meetings and discussions of all shapes and colors.  In modern times, we do a great service to the idea of the forum, via the internet.  In these forums people can post quickly with nigh anonymity, giving slightly less credence to the concept.

In true fashion of the freedom of ideas and freedom of speech that the Roman Forums provided (as long as you don't hate on the emperor or promote Christianity), I give you this Ode to the Champions Online Forum.

I don't care about your Munitions/Darkness/Telepathy build.  You haven't tried any of the skills and you want my input?

I don't care that you think TP is too powerful and the nerf to Mini Mines was too strong, just because you use one and don't use the other.  You still keyboard turn in PvP.

I don't care if you build a teddy bear character and get angry that you "have" to pick up a defensive power.  You'll still fail because you'll take PFF or LR without Dex.

I don't care that your character is "unplayable" because they nerfed one of your powers.  Good thing you have 14 to choose from at 40.

PvP did not ruin your PvE.  PvP may have brought to light that you were OP against AI characters.  Guess what, henchmen can't post on the PTR forum.

You can't have a FOTM build when the game has not been out for one month.  Just because your "theme" character sucks doesn't make me a power gamer.  Maybe you should make a character who's theme is "doesn't suck" next time.

If you have to ask which passive to pick up, get regeneration.  If you have to ask which block to pick up, grab Force Shield.  If you have to ask "Which is the best power", go die in a fire.

When a power holds an enemy indefinitely, it's overpowered.  If you need that hold to win, try playing with both hands.

If you think your character is useless now, and you haven't changed your powers around, it's probably not your character.  It's the player.

Cryptic ruined your theme character?  That's probably true, assuming you were playing "Pyreman" or "Mini Mine-atron".  Also, ironically enough, your themed character "The Pacifist" can't do any quests because he refuses to fight people.  Buff Pacifism!

That is all.

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