Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Math Behind the Numbers: Part 1

I live for the numbers in games. Have you ever played the board game Shadows Over Camelot? That game is practically impossible to win, but there is a way that we found out. You have to use 4 specific characters and they all have to do very specific things, but that actually gives you a fighting chance. Whenever I played WoW, I became a big time theory crafter and strived to understand every stat and how it applied to every class. It's just how I operate, I'm a engineer.

It's a lot harder to get the same information for Champions due to it's free flowing character generation, but the biggest hit is the lack of a community running the numbers. WoW took a while to get that community, but now they have tons of excellent sources like,,, and a handful of bloggers, giving insights to players interested in all levels of understanding for everyone, from layman to physisist. Champions, as a young game, doesn't have the same benefit of 5 years and 11 million players, so good luck digging up what you need.

And I believe that's why Agathorn, started this thread on the Champions Online forum. It's a place for people to give their current level, stats, and tooltips for the stats showing how they benefit the player. It's giving a lot of insight into what stat effects scale with level, which ones have a threshold to break, and helps us choose what super stats would affect our play the most. It also gave the insight for my post about how items have non-integer stat values.

Props to Agathorn and everyone else striving for this data. And if you haven't visited yet, take some time to give them your stats so we can nail down some of these equations!

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