Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Math Behind the Numbers: Part 2

I've decided to do a summary of the Math Behind the Numbers thread, because going through over 140 posts about stats can be somewhat... tedious. Here's a follow up to Part 1 with the benefits as have been solved so far, as well as some additional information.

Modifiers in Bold are not level dependent
Modifiers in Italics are not solved yet

Knockback Power = Strength
Knockback Resistance = Strength
Tangible Hold Break Strength (Level Dependent)

Crit Rate (Level Dependent)*
Agression Stealth Chance (Level Dependent)

10 Health Points = 1 Constitution (assuming it is actually 1.0 Constitution)

Power Recharge Rate Bonus = Intelligence / 667
Power Cost Reduction (Level Dependent)*
Stealth Sight (Level Dependent)

Crit Severity = 20*(Ego/Level)
Intangible Breakhold Strength (Level Dependent)

Threat Bonus (Defensive) = Presence / 10
Threat Reduction (Other) = Presence / 5

Equilibrium = 33 + 5*(Recovery/7)
Energy Strength (Level Dependent)

Max Energy = 100+Endurance

*Both Crit Rating and Power Cost Reduction have a threshold to break before you see any returns.

So what does all this mean?
Well, it shows us that some stats require very little investment to see a large return, regardless of level (Health Points from Constitution and Energy Points from Endurance). Some stats require a certain amount of investment to see returns, but you'll have to keep boosting those stats to have the same returns at a higher level. And in order to get either Crit Rate or Power Cost Reduction, you need a very large investment, making these stats prime choices for super stats. I will update these equations periodically when new solutions are given.

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