Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steam Can Eat A Big One

Know what I love more than video games? Video games I can download on demand.  In this age of the internet where you can access any information that humanity has discovered or single click your way into bankruptcy, we need instant gratification.  Steam was designed with that in mind.  No link love?  You'll see why later.

I'm a sucker for RTS strategy game, so it should come at no surprise that I totally dig the old X-Com series.  They were a complex blend of leveling up characters, resource and base management, technology research, and good ol' fashioned alien combat.  I highly suggest finding it for yourself and playing it.

Turns out, Steam offers the entire X-Com series (with embedded emulators) for download for a modest price of $15 (the price of a Pandaren Monk and half of Lil' KT).  I jumped in and bought it.  It's a nice quick game to play while waiting for guildies to log on for a raid.

You can bet how upset I was when I was in the midst of a great start on an X-Com Apocalypse game, and the game popped up an interesting and frustrating message.

"Please insert the CD to continue"

WTFBBQ?  I have no CD.  The game is locked up and I go back to the last save (a while back, because I feel cheap saving every turn). What am I supposed to do?

I sent an email into Steam to figure out what to do, but until then I won't buy any games from that.  It's a shame, because I was really thinking of grabbing Dragon Age Origins and they missed out on a $60 impulse buy.

Take that, internet!  I may even go read a book.

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