Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Top Five: Raiding Music

I don't often listen to music when I raid.  When I started raiding, I was playing WoW on my laptop and running iTunes/Media Player/Winamp in the background tended to increase lag, so it had to go.  Now that I have a bomb computer, I could burn DVDs and run extended MATLAB calculations without adding any effect to my computer.  I still don't listen to music normally (unless I have pandora open on light raids), but when we need to buckle down and get things done, I still have my pump up music that I listen to in order to increase my DPS by 10%.

Without Further Ado, my Top Five Raiding Songs

#5: Vanessa Mae - Destiny

This was the song on the first boss fight video I ever saw - Netherspite in Kara. This video was way professional and turned a fight with crazy portal laser mechanics into a cake walk. This song was in the video, and I actually listened to this song while doing the fight the first time, so I could track the phases (despite the pauses in the video). While I don't listen to the song for raiding anymore, it makes the list for nostalga.

#4: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Damn you, Megs. One of your last posts on OOM before going to Forbearance, you posted this song. However, from the sound of it, it's what brought her back to blogging, so it can't be all bad. I still use this song when raging out on Mimiron, but I hate myself for it.

#3: The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare

This song was on a video the first time I played WoW (and got to level 28 and quit about 3 years ago). Someone died IRL from what I can tell, so they hosted a funeral on a PvP server in Winterspring, a contested area. Of course a group of people raided it and posted it on teh interwebs. Because of that video, this song makes me strive to ruin my enemies, especially in PvP. If only it was longer...

#2: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm

I actually saw Dragonforce in concert before I liked Dragonforce. In concert it was hard to see the amazing fretwork and strum speed of the guitarists. However, when we were on prince, there was a video on how to two man prince that was the funniest thing I've ever seen. This song (and video) got us through Prince, which was a bitch of a fight for a guild starting to raid in TBC. We got him before they trivialized content, which I was happy with. Now Dragonforce, which can only be appropriately defined as Triumph Metal, is a staple of hate-fuled DPS in our guild.

This last song goes out to all the women in the world (of warcraft).

#1: Freak Nasty - Da Dip

Isn't that the most inspired philosophical raid music ever? It's basically saying, "We're a team, we move together in order to succeed."

I tried. Anyways, somehow this became the raid song for our guild. People would macro lyrics into attacks, people would spout full verses of lyrics in guild chats in off time, and I went through an entire Naxx-25 with this song on repeat. It's a terrible song, and the video is even worse, but it was our song. When Ulduar came out, we had to get a new song but nothing ever stuck. Despite how hard I tried to make it Jermaine Stewart's "We Don't Have to Take our Clothes Off," Da Dip was engraved into our raiding psyche and whenever tensions got high, it always cooled everyone off with a laugh. That's why it's the number one song for raiding.

What are your top 5 raiding songs?

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