Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raiding is Srs Bsns

Recently, my guild has decided that we need to be more dedicated to raiding. They published a nice long post after a nice long officer's meeting about what was going to happen with the guild. But I can't help but think that there could have been a little more input. Here's the story:

We've got something like 40 people in the guild with max level characters.  A lot of those people have multiple 80's, so we usually don't have that hard of a time filling the roles needed.  However, it's very difficult for us to actually have 25 people on at once to do a 25 man instance. 

We took our time through Naxx, and we've probably done KT as a guild about 3 times in 25s. Some time into Uld, we stopped doing 25s since we got stuck at Cat Lady. We've been doing 10s, but not enough to actually clear the content. As a guild, we've downed General-10 once (I wasn't there), Mimiron-10 twice (I wasn't there), and never actually got Yogg-10 down.

I would contribute our biggest problem to people not knowing the fights. A lot of our players are newer to the raiding game.  Only a few of us raided before Wrath, and some people still haven't seen T7 content.  We also have a lot of players that refuse to buy flasks for raiding, even though it's such a small cost to perform at your best.  So, in general, we have issues with execution more than anything else.

So what's the new plan? We're dropping Uld off the raid schedule and focusing on Ony, VoA, and ToC.  Raiding is now four days a week, as opposed to the two days we were doing before.  We will be recruiting, and underperformers will be notified and dropped from the raid if they don't get better.  Here are the problems I have with this.

Dropping Ulduar
They've got this mentality that the newest content is the hardest and it will get gear for our guys. Let's face it - ToC is kind of a joke. Faction Champions is the only fight that you can't really autopilot through. So will all this gear prepare us for Icecrown?  Methinks not.  As mentioned before, we have problems with execution. 
Ulduar is the best training for Icecrown. Fights are dynamic, mechanics are different from fight to fight, and the volume of bosses tests players to remember the strategies for many bosses without giving everyone a 15 minute rundown before each fight.
Raiding 4 Nights a Week
Four nights of raiding is extreme. This is not casual raiding anymore. Mon/Tues/Thurs is for 10 man content and Sunday is for 25s.  If we're going to raid 10s three nights a week, I think we should be doing more content than Ony, ToC, and VoA.  Those can be done in a single night.  Instead, we're doing 3 10-man groups for that content using alts. 

Once again, if execution is the issue, we need to get players experienced with their classes.  People with only a single level 80 will be raiding one night, and those are the people who often need the experience.  If experienced people are spending time in ToC on alts, they won't be able to guide the rest of the guild through other content, like say Ulduar.

Performance Monitoring
They also say that performance will be monitored and low performers will be replaced.  I just don't see that happening.  Most everyone knows each other in real life, and in the past when people have been performing under par, they don't work with the person.  They work around the person.  I just can't see the guild leadership telling people "you can't raid anymore until you get your shit together."

But what is the appropriate action for a guild in this situation?  How do you get people you know in real life to actually put the time in instead of wasting the time of 9 or 24 other people?  Anyone have any ideas?  Anyone been in this situation before? 

It's times like this where I'm glad I'm not an officer.  We'll see how it works out.

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