Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Arcane Rotation?

Last night, me and a few Guildies joined a PuG for ToC 25. While the pug was a failure on Jaraxxus, due to all of the melee standing in someone's legion flames, I wasn't really focused on the failing of the pug. I was focused on the fact that one of the mages, who was less geared than me and another mage from my guild was destroying us on the meters. Even in best case scenario, he was more than 500 dps higher than me.  I may ask him later what he did, but I endeavor to figure it out on my own!

I armoried him, and found that not only was his gear lower than mine, but he had less in almost every stat (he had 20 more sp than I did, since I gem haste.) 200 more haste than him, 3% higher crit than him, more mana, more int, more spirit. I checked his talents, and it looked like he was rocking a standard 57/3/11 w/o Incanter's Absorption. I do my best to only fire shield/frost shield when moving, but that in itself couldn't cause the difference in damage. In addition, he only had one profession, and it was engineering!  Surely the DPS I get from Jewelcrafting/Tailoring should overcome that!

I was really interested to see what was going on. So I checked his recount, and I saw something interesting. 108 Arcane Blasts, 103 Arcane Missiles. Normally, I run much closer to a 4/5 ratio (with a few more blasts for times when MB doesn't proc.) He had a 5/5 ratio (with a few more blasts), which makes me think he might be doing a ABx5MBAM. In my current setup, I doubt I could support that, but maybe if I dropped some haste for spellpower it could work. And if worse comes to worse, I could always use mage armor instead of molten armor for mana regen.

Let's look at the AB portion of the AB spam rotation. If we assume the average AB damage is 6000, here are some numbers to work from.

ABx4 would give us a total of:
6000 + 7080 + 8160 + 9240 = 30480
Average Damage per Cast: 7620
Average Mana per Cast: 658

ABx5 would give us a total of:
6000 + 7080 + 8160 + 9240 + 10320 = 40800
Average Damage per Cast: 8200 (7.5% increase)
Average Mana per Cast: 803 (22% increase)

It also decreases our chance of not having a missile barrage proc from 13% to 7.7%. This is something I'm going to have to look into.  More info later!

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