Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Who doesn't love a good old fashioned slap-fight. The Blogosphere has been in turmoil about the whole Greedy Goblin V. JMTC (Just Might Try Crying) incident. This has been going on for a few weeks and a few of the bloggers I follow have commented on this very feud. Here's a quick summary for everyone.

Markco: Hey Gevlon, sell my shit!
Gevlon: Um, no.
Markco: I respect that. However, here's a bunch of other reasons why you should sell it and you fail if you don't.
Markco: I'm not going to fight back because YOU'RE A BIG STUPID HEAD AND I'M RIGHT. WHHHAAAAAHHHHMBULENCE!


I've got Gevlon on my blog reader because he makes me laugh. He also hates stupid people - a trait I admire in others. JTMC never really did it for me. The tricks for making money aren't that great because, honestly, any decent tips would be reserved for the guide that you have to pay for. I want you to burn that last sentence into your brain as there will be a test later.

Gevlon lashed out pretty hard giving out Markco's email address and said some pretty nasty things. He did copy and paste (assumed) the email that he got, and backed up everything he said. He then removed all links to JTMC from his blog.

Let's get one thing straight - Gevlon is an Asshole. No questions about that. His morons of the week posts are interesting, but for the most part he talks about the economic crisis and how it is created by/affects stupid people. That just doesn't keep my interest. I did love his apprenticeship series, but as for making gold there isn't a lot of information there. Half of his posts are lashing out at ignorant/stupid/random commenters.

But Markco made a post that is just about the biggest nerdrage "you're a doody head" logic attack at Gevlon. Here are some highlights.

"I am going to be the better man and not attack Gevlon. While I'm not attacking him, here are some points on why he's irrational.
1. Gevlon deleted comments from his site and therefore his personal blog is not the free press.
2. Tobold backed him up, but he once had a comment that was TOTALLY IRRELEVENT TO ANYTHING and made me look bad.
3. Gevlon posted my email. Uncool, since I used a personal email for trying to bully people into advertising for me.
4. Despite Gevlon actually posting the email, I am going to say that I asked for something else. And no, I won't copy what I actually said, I'll just paraphrase it how I want.
5. He said I lied, but I only lied about numbers by inflating them. He said there's a scheme, but I just wanted him to have money with no benefit to myself out of the goodness of my heart. He said marketing tricks, but he doesn't have a marketing degree so GTFO.
6. He didn't post immediately, so he's a bullshitter.

In summary, neither of us won. Except for the readers who won by emailing me how much they love me. Did I say the readers won? I really meant my E-Peen."

I have seriously never read such a stupid post on any blog anywhere. Really? You might as well have added in "Gevlon smells" or "Gevlon has cooties." None of that had anything to do with what he said at all! He didn't even really refute it!

Markco is a Douche. And Douches are always in it for themselves. They will never admit that they are wrong and will go down with the ship, even if it's a dinky little scooner that they crashed into the shore.

Moral of the story? Here are a few life Protips.

Protip 1: Assholes > Douches.
Assholes tend to be hard on everyone, but the fact of the matter is they have some redeeming qualities. Douches are never ever productive and tend to stand in peoples way. They don't use logic but they yell louder so others will listen. Markco could have stopped after the first email to Gevlon or after Gevlon's post, but he didn't. He NEEDED to have the last word and be right.

Ultimately, if what you're fighting for or trying to accomplish is worthwhile, assholes will help you in their own asshole way. Douches with not.

Protip 2: If two people are fighting and one of them is trying to sell something, that person is wrong.

I see a lot of people in the blogosphere sitting on the fence saying "I don't know who's wrong, but I'll read both blogs." Markco is trying to sell something using real world resources (money), therefore he is wrong. Gevlon doesn't have an ulterior motive to gain readers, as they don't provide him any cash. Markco stood to gain money on the deal and pushed Gevlon when he said no. Gevlon had a history of lashing out at idiots and you pushed him? Good game.

Edit: This Just In! Markco also lied about the emails to his E-Peen. On Tobold's post on the subject, Markco said he was being flooded with threatening letters, yet in his post he said he had two that weren't "I love you and I want you're eBabies." I am actually somewhat worried that this person works for the company he works for.

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