Monday, November 16, 2009

Prot Warrior PvP

Even though my main is my mage, my first 80 was actually my warrior. I started tanking in the last 6 months of TBC and got as far as tanking Gruul and Magtheradon's adds. I had planned on tanking at 80, but the tanking spot was filled and I didn't want to DPS on my warrior. We needed a mage at the time so Fricassee was born and powerleveled, and I found a new love for mages (I hadn't even wanted to play one before then).

Point being, I still love to tank with my warrior. Recently, I had the chance to OT a 10-Man ToC for the guild, when they thought I wouldn't be able to. The only wipe was when the healer in charge of healing me afk'd out with 2 impales. My love for tanking is renewed!

The problem is that I don't like PuGs and our Guild has enough tanks. However, one of our Guild mates showed me some videos by Swifty, a well known warrior in PvP. Specifically, some of the videos on prot PvP peaked my interest.

And I'm having a ball with it. My PvP gear is weak, so I just wear my tanking gear. However, I'll be upgrading it and posting on some of the tricks I'm learning along the way. In the meantime, check Swifty out!

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