Saturday, December 5, 2009


My new found love for my warrior is nice and all, but since I need to gear him up and the guild needs my mage for 25 man dps, that means I'm stuck in PuG hell. Normally, I don't really mind. I don't mind wiping over and over again, especially if people are learning. So this group I got in for VoA-25 actually had some ok DPS. For once, the problem was the healers and the other tank. The worthless raid leader didn't help either.

As a note, I cleaned up most of the tells. His used much less grammar and a lot more "u lols" Also, as you will see later, he's got one of the non-standard characters in his name, which gives him a 95% chance of being a douchebag (and he was no outlier, I assure you).

It started out with the tank asking a normal question "Do you want me to OT or what?" I thought nothing of it at the time, but now that I think of it, that's a big warning right there. Dude does not want to main tank. The proper question would be "Who's MT", not "Who's OT". He had better gear than I did and he was from a decent guild (mistake assuming good guild meant good player). I'm used to OT, so I said I'd do it. Big mistake.

Trash is a joke, we get to Koralon and pull. I told him I'd stick right by him. Turns out, he doesn't like standing still during meteor fists, UNLESS HE'S IN THE FIRE. Creative use of CDs kept me alive until 10 stacks, when he almost killed the raid. The healers basically let dps die and since no one was assigned to any specific healing job, it wasn't anyone's fault. But before we killed him (with 4 people still alive), the RL said "Lol do we need new tanks for this?" Protip: 10 stacks + meteor fist = someone dies. I am not the best geared tank (around 4500 for the gearscore kiddies out there), but I can do this boss. Just kill him faster.

No point in arguing as he's dead, and after about 10 minutes loot is distributed. We move on to Emalon and the paladin wants me to tank the adds. I don't have a problem with this despite what some people think. Tanking the adds as a warrior can be easier than a paladin, because we're less likely to kill them. I told him I was putting Vigilance on him for taunt refreshes, so he should watch his threat. He responded with something totally unrelated which made me think he didn't know what it did. No big deal, we're ready and we pull.

Two overcharges later, still going strong, I stop getting heals. Granted, it happened faster than I expected and didn't pop my CDs, but since no healer was assigned to me I guess I was just getting raid heals. Reassign the healers and move on. Wipes happen and I don't take them personally. Until I get these tells from the other tank.
How exactly does one respond to this? It reminds me of one of Jong's recent posts, and I just told myself it's not worth it, he's beyond help.

Raid decides we're not good enough for Emalon after several leave (I don't blame them), but they want to finish the last boss. No problem. At least I can get some practice for harder fights in the future, and I finessed my way through the fight without needing a taunt. See, it can't be all bad!

The moral of the story: Winners don't use drugs, kids.

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