Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Emblem of Frost Pick Order for Mages

Vene at Tankingtips always puts together a pick order for warrior tanks. I thought I would give the mages out there a pick order we can use for our Emblems of Frost. This is the one I'll be using and I'm in a guild that does primarily 10 man ICC. If your guild does 25s and you get some items from there, then you might have a slightly different list.

1/2. Bloodmage Shoulderpads/Bloodmage Gloves
Blizzard finally got a Mage Tier set right. Every single piece has mage-friendly SP, Crit, and Haste or Hit. In addition, the 2pT10 and 4pT10 are both amazing. Both of these pieces are 60 emblems, so the first pick is based on what's a better upgrade and if you need hit or not.

3. Belt of Omission
This belt is sick. It rocks 3 sockets and nice stats. The downfall is that it has no haste and if you're hit capped, this might be a good one to pass on for the next two.

4/5. Bloodmage Leggings/Bloodmage Hood
Now we're revisiting the T10 pieces to get the 4 piece bonus. These items have decent stats and again you're picking based on the upgrade and hit requirement. I didn't include the robe on this one for two reasons - you probably have Merlin's Robe and you will be getting the next item.

6. Meteor Chaser's Raiment
Wow. This chest has everything you need. It has significantly better stats than the T10 piece, so you can grab this one instead. Even compared to the T10.1 robe, this has one more socket making it superior.

7. Maghia's Misguided Quill
There is nothing special about this trinket, other than the loads of hit. Since you've been doing heroics this is only a marginal upgrade to the shard of the Crystal Heart and should not be high on your priorities list.

8. Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky
This is a decent cloak, especially with the socket, but I just don't see that much of an upgrade against either of the Sapphiron Drapes that trade spirit for haste.

9. Bloodmage Robe
I didn't include the primordial saronite items, as you can just buy those or get them from emblems on your alts. Both the Deathfrost Boots and the Leggings of Woven Death are very good. If you're over the hit cap you might want to trade the Meteor Chaser's Raiment with the Leggings as the off piece for T10, as it will trade the extra hit for haste.

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  1. Circle of Ossus from the other cloth vendor is nicer than Belt of Omission. Has haste instead of crit and hit.