Monday, December 21, 2009

I Think I'm in Love...

I know there's a lot of hate posts about LFG and people being idiots - whatever. It's no different from spamming trade chat, except that you can't get away from the idiots afterward without ignore.

I could care less about doing LFG 80 dungeons. I've been having a much more interesting time on my shaman - who was level 19 when I started LFG. It all started on a whim.

I had the BoA staff on my priest, so I sent it and the other priestly BoA items to my shaman and spec'd him elemental. While I was running around, I figured I'd join LFG as DPS or Healer, because I knew where my healing touch button was. The queue, despite being late at night, popped almost immediately. Really?

We got SFK, the tank knew what he was doing and it was relatively painless. I think I let one person die when I was low on mana. It was low-stress fun doing instances I never really got to do without getting boosted. So I queued up for the next one.


That's right. I can do Deadmines without running there for an hour, without fear of getting ganked in STV. We had a warrior tank who was doing particularly well (I remember when we couldn't Thunderclap in defensive stance). Tons of fun again. Then when it finished, I noticed I had got something for killing VC. And for finishing SFK as well.

My first two items were very accurate for my spec - a cloak and a belt, both casting focused. They were miles ahead of what was available at my level, so I gladly used them and continued to do LFG.

At this point, I've done SFK, Deadmines, BFD, Stocks, and RFK. I didn't get a chance to do WC and I'm now out of the level bracket, but I think I'm going to rock dungeons pretty much all the way to 80. There will be exceptions, of course, but I think it's a good way to go.

Good job on LFG Blizz!

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