Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 Things Your PuG Mage Wants You to Know

Thanks to Amber at I Like Bubbles for the healer version and Altadin for the tanking version. This one could also be titled "How can you tell if I'm a scrub mage."

1. You are permitted to 1 mage table per run.
Sometimes I forget to drop it, and if I haven't dropped it after the first pull, you are free to remind me. Don't ask right away, as I'm probably already doing it, and you don't need mana right now. I will not drop a second, but I will conjure food for people coming in late after someone drops.

If you have a mage that refuses to summon a table at the very beginning, he's probably a scrub.

2. If I die, I am well aware that it is probably my fault.
Unless it's a fight where there's raid damage, I probably overagro'd or stood in bad - it happens. I will not begrudge the healer for me dying, and I won't blame the tank for agro (unless it's a consistant issue even when I scale back from zerg mode).

I will NOT IB it on to the healer, I will NOT pull a pack, I will NOT ask for a rez (unless the next pack is pulled, but that's for the tank as he probably didn't notice my stain on the ground), and I will NOT ask for heals. If your mage does any of those things, he's probably a scrub.

3. I perform better with a mark.
If you want to control me, put up marks. Anyone can mark in 5-mans, and if threat becomes an issue, I will start marking before pulls (if possible). Skull dies first, X dies second and anything after that should be fair game.  In all seriousness, you could mark a critter and I'd probably AB spam that bitch.  You could even tell me that you marked the training dummy in Silvermoon, and before you're done I've started casting Teleport (with Icy Veins, since the faster you get there, the better the DPS).

If your mage cries about targeting marks or doesn't attack skull (when it's put up before the pull), he's probably a scrub.

4. My support abilities are at your disposal, but I will only use them when asked.
The only exception to that is counterspell. If we have a healer capable of removing curses, I won't do it unless they ask. I won't sheep unless asked.

If you have a mage that refuses to use these skills when asked, he's probably a scrub.

5. Knockback is for Scrubs.
I will not use my knockback (if spec'd) on groups of mobs, don't use yours. If I'm blizzarding and a Typhoon or Thunderstorm sends them flying, you're an ass.

If you have a mage that uses blastwave consistantly on groups of mobs (unglyphed), he's probably a scrub.


  1. I want more mages like you in my PuGs!

    Thanks for the link love. :)

  2. It is unfortunate that most of the horror stories in LFG (especially in low level) are mages.

    It won't be long until they're throwing around the "magetard" bomb...