Friday, December 18, 2009

ICC-10 Strategy Fo' Mages

I haven't seen a lot of guides floating around the mage blogs on how to do ICC. I thought I'd throw up my little bit of information based on our experience in 10-man. I will be giving it from the perspective of the Arcane mage, with some frost (I did frost for two fights due to replenishment issues).

Lord Marrowgar

If you went in and tried Marrowgar the first week and got disappointed, don't worry - he was bugged. Turns out, Marrowgar was doing more damage in 10-man than in 25-man. Wicked!

Mages, you will be on spike duty. This fight is not a race, so burst DPS on the spikes is way more important than DPS. The best strategy is to ramp up to a 4 stack of AB, and then hang there maintaining it with the occasional AB (don't spam or you'll be out of mana). As soon as he casts Bone Spike, hit the nearest one with an AB and then either MBAM or ABarr. If the other ranged is the one who got spiked, fire off a second AB before the finisher.

When he spins all over the place (phase 2), just stay out of the fire and near the raid - you don't want to LOS your healers. Also, stay away from the tanks, because if he comes out of it and you're on a tank, you'll eat a 30k saber lash. Finally, the transition from phase 2 to phase 1 is a threat wipe. Let the tanks get agro, because he's untauntable and he'll beat the hell out of you (and the closest person).

Lady Deathwhisper

Some people leave DPS on the shield in phase 1, but we didn't. We would kill our appropriate adds (for mages, it's fanatics). DPS the adds, then the boss, then the adds, then the boss. Remember to decurse, as the Curse of Torpor will lock the target out of any skill they use for 15 seconds. You will also need to dodge the death and decay (large green circles on the floor). Deformed fanatics will beat the hell out of the tank, but you can spellsteal their buff for +25% damage and healing yourself 300% of damage done.

In phase 2, DPS your heart out while avoiding the death and decay and keeping frost ward up (she casts frostbolt volley like KT). If a vengeful shade starts following you, kite it out of the raid.

I went frost on this fight, because our replenishment source was a hunter. It is very valuable to let the hunter go marksmanship, as half of the survival damage is worthless against the adherents. However, if you're getting replenishment from an SPriest, Ret Pally, or Lock, stay arcane.

Gunship Battle

Easy fight when you figure out what's going on. Just don't let your raid leader talk the group into letting the tank for the other ship in the turret, as the people in the turret need to get in them immediately as the mage goes down. If you're assigned to the turret, jump back just before the mage is dead. Fire ward will help mitigate damage from rockets.

Also, you lose the rocket packs after you win, so get your fun and games in before doing the boss. Me and our other mage played horse for about 10 minutes before we started. We both had 'H.'

Deathbringer Saurfang

This fight is all about preventing DBS from getting blood points. He gets this from successfully landing hits, blood beasts hitting people, hitting the tank with Rune of Blood, and Blood Boils.

This fight is somewhat weird. We wiped a lot on it around 20%, until we figured out the strategy. Drumroll please...


This can be problematic if it's a tank or healer (when you're 2 healing), but if a DPS catches the mark, let them die as fast as possible. DBS gets a ton of blood points from the mark and immunity spells (bubble, Ice Block) won't prevent him from getting points. We were getting him to 10-20% when we got a third mark and would wipe before we tried letting someone die. When we let the first mark die immediatly, he didn't even get a second mark off. The 5% health he'll get back is a paltry sum compared to the fact that he will mark again in less than half the time to get the first mark.

As to the strategy of the fight, DPS the boss until the adds show up. He'll spawn 2 blood beasts, and it's very important that they don't get into melee range with anyone, as they'll give DBS more blood points. Focus ranged DPS on one beast while CCing the other (snares and roots work, hard CC doesn't). If one chases you, kite as much as possible and IB if he gets into range.

Also, all damage in this fight is physical, so feel free to load the entire raid up with Amplify Magic.

And that's ICC-10 for mages!

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