Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Game, I Lose

Last night, we were running ToC-25, and we didn't have enough people to do it as a guild. We pugged about 1/3 of the people and had little to no issues. Except for me - I got all pissy and left. Why?

My guild was bullying the PuGs.

We have a DKP system that we run by, and it gets very interesting with people not in the guild. Basically, everyone who wants main spec on an item rolls, and if a guild person wins, it goes to the guildie with the highest DKP. Normal stuff. The problem we run into is people rolling for items they're not going to need. This was most apparent on the Trophies.

At this point, trophies are a minor upgrade for the people in the guild. Many people would roll, the guild would win, and inevitbly on vent or in guild chat, the top DKP that rolled would say "Pass to the next highest DKP." I spoke up several times about how this was unfair, and people seemed to just ignore it. We then ran into a snag where one of the pugs won the roll on an amulet that was BoE. Some officers assumed he was going to sell it (since he got a neck piece earlier) and ninja'd it. Despite whatever defense they make (some make sense, some don't) it was ninja'd - a person broke the loot rules (main spec) and took the item.

The neck was an upgrade for the guy, BoE or not. The PuG was a warrior and the first neck was agility, this one was strength. But he didn't get it. I tried to throw my weight and told an officer and RL friend, Solovius, that I was going to leave the raid if he didn't get it. He wasn't going to get it, so I left.

I had expected they would bend and give him the neck, but it didn't go my way and I didn't want to appear as one who makes false threats. So, in between a rock and a hard place, I told the group that I had to go, hearthed out before Anub and dropped raid.

As a point, this wasn't really the officers fault. There were a few people who took it upon themselves to push loot into guild pockets and the neck issue was essentially an issue with one person (who happened to be an officer, different guy than above.)

In hindsight, I should have stuck around for Anub, because I only punished the people I was actually trying to protect. I failed. I knew that we had two people who were main spec tanks in the group, which made it easier, but they were probably still down one going into Anub.

My wife was afraid that I had made enemies with the officer in question over a game. I figured we were cool, but I told him to give me a call when he was done anyways. Ironically, his wife told him the same thing. They were in our wedding, so I'm definitely not going to war with them over some purple pixels.

I guess trying to throw my weight around was like a form of PvP. He called my bluff and I got beat fair and square, no hard feelings. Nice shot, Solo. Would I do it again, given the same situation? Probably not, but only because they know I mean business when it comes to treating PuGs with respect.

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