Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ensidia Debate

For those of you living under a rock, the mighty Ensidia downed Arthas in 25-man ICC, giving them the world first kill that counts the most in the history of World of Warcraft. They were then subsequently stripped of their title and banned for 3 days for exploiting the encounter.

Here was the issue.
In the fight with Arthas, one of the mechanics is that the floor slowly gives way, reducing the room available for the raid to stand, eventually killing the raid. There turned out to be a bug where saronite bombs would actually heal the floor, thus giving more time with floor present. I will point out that rogues competing at the top level of content are expected to use saronite bombs, as they are a DPS increase and are therefore part of their rotation.

I am not an Ensidia Fanboi, but I'm siding with them on this one. Why?

This is not Vanilla WoW. Blizzard arbitrarily decided with their new gating system that progression guilds won't be able to brute force fights, due to the 10 attempt lockout.

In short, Blizzard was asking for an exploit.

Every guild had 10 shots at downing Arthas in the first week in 10 man and in 25 man, assuming no deaths on the Blood Queen or Professor Putricide. With the attempt limit, guilds have to make the most out of every single attempt, including ones where it bugs out. And guess what Blizzard? With you giving an achievement for world firsts, these guilds are going to run into bugs/server issues, simply because it's the first night out.

All the people QQing state that If I were there, I would have stopped and issued a bug report. Bullshit. There are other guilds competeing with you right now, and even submitting the bug report could mean the difference between a win and a loss. Especially because another guild could be using that exact same bug while you report it.

What they would really do is submit the bug report after the 10 attempts, when they have free time to do so - which Ensidia never got to because they killed the boss. So fuck off.

It's also inappropriate that they ask Ensidia's rogues to stop throwing saronite bombs. It's part of their damn rotation. Blizzard should have tested every common rotation to make sure it didn't bug, but apparently they didn't.

I would be crazy pissed if I was doing content and realized that arcane missles was bugging the encounter. If it didn't reset the boss, I'd keep doing it, because I have to be doing max DPS to get through the hardest boss in the game.

Blizzard brought this mess upon themselves by not allowing guilds to brute force it. They asked for finesse and guess what, exploits are finesse. This was not an exploit like Exodus's Yogg-0 exploit. No one in their right mind would stay in the brain in phase three, let alone lifetap with a healer. However, using your normal rotation with the happenstance of an added benefit?

I'm not saying Ensidia didn't exploit. I'm saying what they did was what blizzard wanted - Finesse. GG Blizzard.

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