Friday, February 5, 2010

Ensidia Redux

A supposed member of Ensidia gave an Anonymous post at, stating how Ensidia acted with respect to the bug how this player was sorry for what was done.

If the guy is a fraud, this post means nothing.  If this guy truly is a member of Ensidia, it simply supports the argument that Ensidia should not have been banned - that a less harsh penalty should have been enforced.

I'm sticking with my guns here.  I understand in the past, Ensidia should have wiped the encounter and reported the bug.  No big deal - in the past.

Lich King is an encounter with limited attempts, Blizzard.  You wanted this.  You are now actually penalizing players for acting with a conscious, because wiping from a bug removes an attempt they could have possibly had on the encounter.

Is Ensidia being shady about what they did?  Yes.  But this is not like the analogies being made by people in the thread.  The set up for the encounter and the limited attempts makes this event less like being pulled over for speeding.  Blizzard caught Ensidia by entrapment.

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