Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Some Respect

Blessing of Kings had a post about how Gevlon was right, that people tend not to play to their full potential. In addition, there is a social contract preventing us from telling people what they did wrong and how they should play the game.

Let's take the situation of a comment from Kring.

"You did not touch the question why they have to be better players.  You don't play WoW to finish it, you play it to pass time, to have fun.  If just casting frost bolts and not reading EJ is fun to you, what's wrong with that? Why do they have to be better?  Why do you assume it's "helping them" if you send them to EJ (where they'll get an infraction)?"

They don't need to be better players, they just need to play to their potential. Playing to your potential shows your team respect.  Someone helping you be better at what you like to do is showing you respect back.

Now that I've answered your questions, I'll raise you one.

Why does this imaginary "I have fun throwing frostbolts" mage want to take part in the team portion of this game, if they just have fun throwing frostbolts?  There are training dummies in every city that they can throw frostbolts at forever.

When you step into any multiplayer aspect of the game (Arenas, BGs, 5-mans, raids), you have made a choice to be part of a team. Everyone on that team is expected to have a certain level of pride about their personal performance and respect for the other people who put their time in and are expected to perform.

Imagine you're in a pick-up basketball game. Normally you get to choose your team, but in order to make things more streamlined, some higher power (Blizzard) puts your team together. One of the guys in your party tells you "I came to have fun, so every time I get the ball I'm going to do a hook shot, because that's fun to me."

What would you tell this person? I don't even like basketball, but I am sure I would tell them to GTFO and go play basketball on their hoop in their driveway. They obviously don't have fun participating in a team sport (all he wants to do is hook shot), so why should I have to put up with him on my team?

When you step in any team, your job is to do your best without acting like an ass. You are expected to have respect for the others who have decided to spend their time with you in order to do something they can't on their own. People who don't try their best and don't listen shouldn't be playing a team game. Why would they even play with a group when they can do what they consider fun all by themselves?

This respect also goes the other way. If someone is putting out their all, despite not being good, you don't berate them and call them names. Sure, they're not as good as you. Help them and don't be a dick about it. Sure, if they tell you "Lol, I don't want any help, I'm good enough," getting frustrated or angry is appropriate. This person lacks respect for you, so you, in turn, no longer need to respect them.

And for the people who think Gevlon is a horrible person, check out this post.  He understands that you don't need to be a pro to do DPS in heroics.  Sure, he likes to whip out his ePeen about how he's only wearing blues, blah blah blah.  But he doesn't get down on people doing over 1.5k DPS.  Anyone can do 1.5k DPS if they're honestly trying their best.

But it's just a game you say?  So are basketball, baseball, and football.  Sure, it's not the same at the professional levels.  However, when people play these sports on a local level, they don't normally fuck around and do stupid shit.  Winning and playing well are both fun.  Being an idiot and losing for no good reason is just a waste of time.

In summary, I say this to the mage that just wants to throw frostbolts:
Yes, it's your $15 a month and you're free to do with it as you wish. But if you're going to use that as a reason to disrespect me and the other three people who are relying on you, don't be surprised if we kick your stupid ass.

Oh, and if your reason for coming in to the dungeon is for loot, than getting loot is your source of fun, so you should be playing at your best to get loot faster and thus have more fun.  And if you want the gear to make your frostbolts even more fun, then you are a hypocrite and a fucking liar.  DIAF.

Show up to play or don't show up at all, kthxbai.

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