Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Idea for an Addon: Gearwhore

Everyone's using gearscore to determine how viable a character is for various raids. I've even seen people looking for gearscore for heroics. While Gearscore is a completely acceptable, accurate, and infallible tool for determining competence, I've decided to make an addon that measures what really counts: how toons look.

I bring you... GEARWHORE

- Evaluates weapons on how they look, especially the enchant. Big points from beastslaying due to the delicious red glow.
- Male characters wearing dresses lose points. Female characters wearing dresses gain points. Kilts are dresses and blood elves always count as female characters.
- Color coordination implemented for druids. Score is based on how cool your feral skins look. Tree druids always get zero, as trees are not cool nor have they ever been cool.
- Characters that jump a lot get more points. Jumping is srs bsns.
- Two weapons is always cooler than one. Shields are only cool if they can be thrown Captain America-style.
- Color coordinating your hair with your gear adds a synergy bonus. That means you did your homework and found the coolest hairstyle for your tier of gear.
- Wielding an arena weapon gives massive points, regardless of the content you're working on.
- Characters get bonus points for linking macros of various vehicles with a form of the word "fail" into trade chat.
- Disables the inspect option, as it won't be necessary now that you have this addon.

Wouldn't that be great?

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