Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Captain Procrastination

Things have been hectic lately. Between travel for work, work around the house, general laziness, and Army of Two: 40th day I haven't posted in a week! Promise it won't happen again (for at least a few more weeks!)

Last night was ICC-10 man with our secondary group. We're still having some issues with coordination on Festergut but we one shot all of the first wing, save a freak healer death on Marrowgar causing a wipe.  I did get a chance to mix the monotony or raiding up a bit.

I played frost from just before Marrowgar until just before Festergut. Our only source of replenishment was from our swing healer so I thought I'd help the team a bit and decided to stay frost for Deathwhisper and the boat. My DPS was decent (around 5000 in 10-man with most synergies), but I still did about 1000-1500 less than my arcane spec. My spec is currently a chop-shop version of frost I put together for Saurfang, so my talents and glyphs are a little wonky (to avoid poorly timed frostbite procs on blood beasts). Water elemental was about 14% of my damage (thanks to a fancy macro splattered around teh interwebz) and Deep Freeze was between 8 and 12% of my damage (depending on ease of using deep freeze).

Here are a few notes for Arcane Mages trying out frost.

Deep Freeze has its ups and downs.
Got a fight where you're continuously casting, but not necessarily on the boss? Set a focus macro so you can keep popping your Deep Freeze on the boss when you proc FoF on adds or such. This worked great when dealing with adds on Deathwhisper and Saurfang. Unfortunately, Deep Freeze sucks in fights where you can't cast continuously, as Fingers of Frost doesn't proc nearly enough to make it reliably available.

The Water Elemental Hates Boats
He freaked out a few times in transistions on the Airship battles and I had to resummon him. Most of the time he hung out in limbo between the two ships. I tend to keep my water elemental on passive, so he doesn't do much unless I'm casting frostbolts (macro'd to /use Waterbolt). I do like the permananet water elemental over all, as he doesn't die or run out of mana.

WTF is Coldsnap?
I am sure I could increase my DPS if I would remember to use Coldsnap during lusts to double up my icy veins (and Deep Freeze). Make sure you put this on your bar, as it's a very powerful skill and a big DPS boost.

Icy Barrier is your Friend
Fights that are rough on healers can be mitigated by using Icy Barrier. I know, it's not as awesome as popping wards when you're in IA arcane spec. It prevents blood on Saurfang, it helps healers on Festergut when there's 0-1 inhales, and it mitigates shadowbolts and frostbolt volley's on Deathwhisper. Remember to use it when you're running!

Glyph of Frostbolt
I hate this glyph so much. There are so many occasions where the snare effect is amazing, yet we can't snare and have the 5% damage bonus. I suggest getting a stack of these and Glyph of Frost Barrier so you can trade out on important fights. This is much easier if you're a scribe (which my warrior is).

I had a lot of fun with it, and I was honestly sad when the RL told me to change back to arcane, because we needed the damage on Festergut. As much as people call it a frostbolt spam, it was very refreshing and I would suggest everyone try it, at least on farm content.

Other highlights from the run include:

- Getting the Frost Needle off Marrowgar, making me the last friggin Lock/Mage in the guild to get it.
- Getting enough Emblems of Frost in order to buy my gloves for the 2pT10 bonus. As sick as the bonus is (and it is sick), I lost a lot of haste, so I might sell back and wait till I have enough for the legs or helm.

But the biggest highlight was something that the other mage said in vent, just before the Airship fight.

"Ogrim's Hammer is my penis"

Simply amazing.

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