Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marks - Not Just for Tanks Anymore

I realize that not everyone has a tank. I used to do a lot of tanking back in BC (when it was hard) and I followed TankingTips.com religiously, as I wasn't hardcore enough for Tankspot.com (and it was blocked at work).

Due to this post Vene made a long time ago, I have always had my raid targets bound. Our raid leader caught on and always made me assist so I could quickly as well as marking on-the-fly. For about a year and a half, my number pad has been bound to marks.

And now, I can use them in every LFG I'm in. One of the most overlooked buffs (I consider it a buff) on the last patch is that in a five man group, everyone can mark. Let that set in for a little bit.

Got a tank who doesn't target the right adds first? Mark for him. Got DPS that go wild and can't assist? Mark skull and they should follow. You can even use it to mark yourself as a healer to let the tank know where you are at all times.

If you're having issues, take hold of the situation and run the marks. If you've bound them, you should be able to do it quickly without stalling the group. Mark before the pull, and people might actually attack the same targets!

In summary, don't complain about your LFG unless you've done absolutely everything in your power to fix the problems - and that includes marking regardless of your role.

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