Monday, January 18, 2010

Dungeon Finder Revisited

So I've been a bit bored as of late. Our guild has some issues with getting through ICC, and I must say, I'm not surprised. We never actually got past Yogg in 10 man Uld and didn't get any further than downing Cat-Lady once in 25. We're hung up on Festerface and Rottcrotch in 10s and we've successfully downed Marrowgar's trash in 25s.

I don't have the time to be a serious raider, and I just haven't been having much fun. I had done some leveling on my shaman in LFG and it's been fun, but there's just so many times I can do SM:Graveyard before punch my monitor in its stupid face.

Then I read this post at Righteous Defense. I was looking for a low level tanking class to play through dungeons, and thanks to his post I made a paladin.

I'm packing the Venerable Mass of McGowen, Valor Shoulders and Chest, and two copies of the spellpower trinket. I started him on Friday and as soon as I hit 15 I started doing dungeons. He's already 23 and I would be higher if I wasn't waiting for a guildie to run with (he's got a shaman and is going resto).

It is ridiculous fun.

Here are a few notes on low level paladin tanking.

  • Before you get righteous fury, tanking sucks hard. At least all you'll have to tank is RFC, which is easy anyways.
  • Hand of Reckoning is amazing. Catch the mob before he sees you? 100+ holy damage. Is a mob running away from you? 100+ holy damage coup de grace.
  • I tend to use Blessing of Wisdom more than the other blessings, because I overgear the content and it's easier for keeping mana up.
  • Consecrate is easy mode tanking. I've got an 80 warrior and I thought I held my own. I seriously don't even have to try with consecrate. That being said, before you get it at 20, tanking is a little more challenging.
  • Getting Seal of Command does wonders for AoE threat. With the glyph, it does amazing things for mana as well.
  • I fully intended to live in LFG, so I took Enchanting for one profession. I also took mining for the stamina, and have been purchasing ore and reselling smelt bars to level it up.
  • Wailing Caverns doesn't that hard if you don't care about the escort. Blizzard should really think about speeding up that disciple.
  • As a blood elf, remember to use your Arcane Torrent for interrupts. I've got it and Hammer of Justice bound to my scroll up and down. I tend to always put interrupts/stuns on the scroll wheel, as it's the button I'm fastest with and it doesn't screw up my rotation.
  • Judge early, judge often, especially after getting Seal of Command. It's the way you get mana back.

If you're getting bored, I suggest you start a new character and get in some random dungeons! Anyone else start fresh to play through all the instances?

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