Monday, March 1, 2010

The Proper Use of Cold Snap

I've been trying my best to make frost work lately.  The biggest thing is that I want to be prepared for when the patch comes out.  I did a ToC 25 and ended up at a solid 5th place as frost, despite no shaman and no crit chicken to give me buffs.  Beat out the other mages as well, rocking between 5k and 6k DPS (save for gimmick fights where damage was higher).

The real trick to playing frost is maintaining the priority system and responding quickly.  It's been a long time since I played fire, so I wasn't responding fast enough at first.  Cold Snap is a tricky bitch that has caught me a number of times.  Here's how you use it.

Icy Veins on CD?  Check
Deep Freeze on CD? Check.
Fingers of Frost Up? Check.
Now use Cold Snap followed up with a Deep Freeze.

I don't know how many times I used Cold Snap after the Deep Freeze and then Fingers of Frost doesn't proc for 40 seconds.  It's absolutely demoralizing.

In addition, there are some fights where you should use Ice Block before Cold Snap.  Some examples are:

Toravon (to drop frost debuff)
Saurfang (for kiting blood beasts)
Onyxia (for breaking fears)
Anub'Arak (to drop nature damage debuff)
Marrowgar (reduce damage in whirlwind phase)

And there's probably more fights that I haven't seen yet.  Good luck with Frost!

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