Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ICC-10 Fo' Mages: Festergut and Rotface

A while back I did a piece about the first four bosses in ICC. My guild hasn't progressed much farther in it for various reasons, but I can give a bit of information on the bosses I have seen.

This set will be focused on Festergut and Rotface (more like Festernuts and Rottencrotch, Amirite?)

Festergut is a simple fight for DPS. Tanks and healers have to deal with ridiculous damage swings but all we have to do is power through the boss to beat the 5 minute enrage timer.

The only mechanics you need to know about are the Vile Gas, Gaseous Blight, and Gas Spores.

Festergut will target a random ranged person with Vile Gas. It will do decent damage and disorient anyone within 10 yards for 6 seconds. He tends to target people at range, so be prepared for being a target, and spread out!

Gaseous Blight is an AoE where the entire room is filled with poison gas. As Festergut enhales the gas, raid damage will drop until there is no raid damage at all. Use defensive abilities during the high damage portion and save evocate for when there is no raid damage.

Throughout the fight, he will put Gas Spores on the raid. Two players will have a spore above their head, and all players must collapse on the players with the spore. When the spore explodes, it puts the Innoculated buff on nearby players, which reduces shadow damage by 25% per application. You will need all 3 applications in order to survive his massive raid attack, Pungent Blight.

Don't worry about fancy decursing or kiting in this fight, just DPS hard.

This fight is a ton of fun when you know what you're doing, but horrible if you don't. There is kiting, and you may even end up being the kiting tank in this fight, as mages can do that well.

The main mechanic of this fight comes from Rotface's Mutated Infection. A random raid member will be be targeted and it will need to be cleansed off. When that happens, a small slime appears, that will follow that raid member. The goal is to combine two small slimes to make a huge slime. The huge slime does AoE damage, so it needs to be kited around the room away from the raid. The raid will continue merging slimes with this huge slime until it becomes unstable and explodes. Repeat this process until he's dead.

First things first - DO NOT USE MIRROR IMAGES. Small slimes follow their player through a threat mechanic, and skills that drop your threat make those slimes hard to control. Just let it go for this fight.

Rotface occasionally spits on a random raid member. If he turns to your direction, run around him. Easy enough.

Do the raid a favor and put a Cone of Cold or other snare on the first slime that anyone gets. Small slimes cannot be taunted, but they can be snared and this will reduce raid damage. Try not to do this with later infections, as the snare will slow players down from merging slimes.

Stay away from big slimes as their AoE will kill you. If you aren't kiting big slimes, stay in the middle of the room and if you have an infection, run it into the path of the huge slime. If you're kiting them, keep your distance and use blink when appropriate to stay ahead. Be aware that Rotface uses many abilities to put Green goo on the ground. This will slow you and do significant damage, so it's best to stay away from it. Help your raiders by using frost nova on their slime when it's in the path of the big slime.

When the big slime explodes, he'll send slime rockets at every member of the raid, but they don't follow the players. Everyone has to move when the slimes are in the air.

Rotface is one of those fights that seems simple, but execution is everything. Even when it's going right, it might seem like controlled chaos. That's probably why it's my favorite fight in ICC thusfar.

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