Monday, March 29, 2010

The Freeing Feeling of Playing One Toon

For those unaware, I have made my priest my one and only raiding character. I had been spending too much time gearing up multiple toons, so I focused on my priest. The only time I log on the other toons is for professions, usually for my priest. I spent the mage and warriors badges to get some saronite for crafted pants and boots.

I feel free.

I'm actually doing some PvP now. I forced myself to go Holy for raiding, but I sucked it up and did a Disc Smite build for PvP. It works pretty well, I tend to get a fair share of KBs, and I can burst heal like no body's business. This is great for BGs, where I can heal if there are only a couple of healers, but if we have too many healers, I can start throwing 4k smites.

There's a whiner in our guild about people using PvP gear in raids. He seems to forget the fact that a 31 ilvl difference is significant, even if you waste itemization on resilience. I was padding my GS to get in the raid with 4 PvP items (Relentless cloak, Wrathful bracers, Relentless belt, SP Battlemasters Trinket), and according to the Recount Effective Heals/GS, I was still performing extremely well.

I also tend to think that PuGs with PvP gear usually have better spacial awareness. But, since everyone can get PvP gear with Wintersgrasp, I guess at the very least it gives them more stamina, which gives them more time to get out of the fire.

Also, as a distraction, I downloaded DDO and plan on giving it a shot. And if I think the game is good enough, maybe I'll throw some money at Turbine.

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  1. When I saw your post on Matticus here, with the link to a post about "Playing One Toon", I had to follow it here, to your fine blog. You've hit the nail on the head. There is, in my mind, nothing quite so freeing as sticking to just one character.
    Gearing up becomes straight-forward, even with a dual spec. I never feel 'behind' because I'm trying to throw gear and emblems at a handful of toons. And, most importantly, for OCD achievement whores like myself, there's none of the irritation of an empty achievement panel. Alts are a slippery, slippery slope . . .