Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things You Shouldn't Do

And with the good comes the bad. Last post, I was singing praises about the guild, people doing better, and generally happy thoughts, but last night the guild did a big no-no. Our GM had a computer issue, and so while he was working through it he had our officers set up the run. It was planned to have a ToC10 run on Tuesday and Thursday, and our raiding starts at 7:00 (ends up being 7:30 because we have no sign-ups).

Last night, we had half the raid together, and we were waiting on the other half, for about half an hour. What was the hold up? They were doing HH runs.

I would understand if there were some new people who could use the gear, but these were solely for achievements, going for the pet and the mount. Do it on your own damn time people.  This holiday shit is getting out of hand.  I would tell Blizzard to stop, but if this ridiculous mindless activity gets people to spend more time in the game, then the holiday is working in their eyes.

The worst part was that two officers were in that HH group. When I commented on getting started, they basically told me to quit whining. Forty-five minutes later, I had to go and they still hadn't started. Now I can't be on Thursday due to a work conflict, so looks like I'm going without ToC this week (unless I PuG).

I had to rant, I had to let off some steam. Get your heads out of your asses guys.

As a side note, I'm traveling tomorrow so I'll try and schedule a post. If not, I'll be back on Friday.

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