Saturday, October 24, 2009

Onyxia is a Mage's House

A while back, Jong at Forbearance wrote about how Kologarn is a ret paladin's fight. Even once I had living bomb for multiple targets, I still couldn't match our melee on that fight. However, I'm glad to say that Onyxia is unequivocally a mage fight. When Zombies and the Fat Kid walked into do Ony 25 with 22 people, the three arcane mages dominated the fight. Here's why we rock so hard.

Incanter's Absorption gives us spellpower buffs. The fight is absolutely filled with fire damage. What's even more important is that Frost Warding with Fire Ward can save you from a nasty blast nova or breath that would otherwise kill you outright.

Blizzard is still king of sustained AoE DPS. While we don't have win in trash anymore, because things die fast, Blizzard owns this fight. Popping Icy Veins and dropping blizzard on whelps can be amazing, assuming ou don't die. In our Ony 25, the RL wants all the mages on Ony in phase 2, but you can bet we peel off for blizzard damage, just so we can look good.

Mages do well in movement heavy fights. I'm not talking about fights where you need to move every 28 seconds. This fight has times where you need to go from one side of the room to the other. As mages, we can blink, arcane barrage, fire ward, and then start dpsing, so we don't waste as much time as some other ranged classes.

Self-survivability. When whelps are on you, you can frost nova or cone of cold to kite as well as invisibility and ice block when necessary. Ony is one of those fights that gets hectic and we mages do well in those fights.

When all was said an done, we got ony down and the mages owned the fight. Top 3 were two IA Arcane mages and one other Arcane mage. In fact, the 4th DPS was a Ret Paladin named Redmage. Coincidence? I think not!

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