Monday, October 26, 2009

Gearscore, Gearscore, Gearscore

This gearscore thing is crazy. Many people have posted on this phenomenon, so telling you about it won't give you any more information. What I am telling you is don't let it stop you from applying to the group. Give them your best info (achievements) and reasons (alt, off-spec, etc) but don't sound pushy or pitiful. If they're a decent player, they can get past it. If they can't get past it, you probably wouldn't want to be part of the group anyways.

When I proposed to my now-wife (spoiler: she says yes), I took her on a scenic hike. She thought she was dragging me along, but I tricked her into that. At the peak of the hill where the view is amazing, I dropped to one knee, pulled the ring out, and asked her to marry me. Her first response was "You're kidding, right?" After a few seconds, she realized it was the real deal and said yes. I like to think she was instead checking my RL Armory. She wanted to be sure I was gemming for +16 Hygene and not +16 Douchebag. She checked that I picked up core talents like [Math] and [Science] instead of PvP only talents like [Alcoholism] and [Domestic Violence]. She also checked some key achievements.

After checking all that, she was prepared to group with me (at least, until she reads this and rethinks the whole deal). She analyzed me as a person, instead of just looking at my gearscore (loldiamond). I'm not saying my gearscore was bad, mind you, I'm just saying she was a savvy person.

On the other hand, there are ladies out there that will only marry you if you give them a ring worth at least X dollars or has at least a Y sized diamond. Are those the people you want to be with? Hell no. Those ladies will spend all your money and then ragequit after they ninja your purples. Bitches.

The gearscore phenomenon is about being lazy. If you want a shot at the title, tell the person in a reasonable fashion why you should be able to go despite your gearscore. Don't be smarmy about it, use proper grammar and full words instead of "lol u need deeps?" If they still don't want you, maybe they're just a bunch of golddiggers after your purps.

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